Commemorating the Tulsa Greenwood Massacre by Fighting for Crenshaw against Racist Gentrifier David Schwartzman


Today, May 31st, marks the 100 year commemoration of the two-day Tulsa riots by a racist white mob backed by the government in the city's Greenwood District, known as "Black Wall Street." Today's form of bombing Black Wall Streets is more subtle, but no less morally repugnant.

Gentrification/displacement/cultural erasure/urban cleansing is an intentional act by the state and private sector to price out and push out Black residents/merchants and destroy Black communities to create White wealth with bulldozers instead of bombs. It involves paid off politicians who deploy a variety of tactics, including trigger happy cops and special approvals. It involves banks implementing racist policies to deny Black communities the right to own their community spaces, and Black businesses and prospective homeowners financing.

One way to honor the memory of the many Black lives lost and the Black community lost is by standing up for Downtown Crenshaw RIGHT NOW!

Stand up against the racist gentrifier David Schwartzman who is getting in the way of our Black community's right to self-determination. The Grandmama's have been holding it down. It's time for us to join them.

Join us as we peacefully protest in David Schwartzman's Beverly Hills neighborhood to tell him: RACIST, GO HOME! And join our other actions this week as we assert in 2021 America, here on Crenshaw: NEVER AGAIN!

The caravan will leave the Crenshaw Mall (by Baskin-Robbins) at 11 am to arrive at Santa Monica Blvd & Beverly Blvd (not Drive) in Beverly Hills by noon, when we will start our march to Schwartzman's mansion. Join us at the start of the caravan or in Beverly Hills.

Sign up for the week's actions:
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Thank you to everyone that was able to join us on just 6 hours notice for the emergency town hall on David Schwartzman of Harridge Development Group - the folks Tim Ellsworth at Deutsche Bank/DWS and the public pension funds are bending over backwards trying to sell the Crenshaw Mall to.

The information about Schwartzman (and his lawyer/consigliere/partner Jerry Neuman of DLA Piper) shared by rape survivor, activist for tenants rights and advocate against human trafficking Susan Hunter was very disturbing. (Just when you thought Deutsche Bank/DWS could not sink any lower, they picked a failed developer who appears to be a cross between Donald Trump and Donald Sterling over our community's bid.)

We thank Ms. Hunter for issuing a trigger warning prior to going into the gruesome details. And we thank her for her courage in sharing what she has uncovered fighting Schwartzman and Neuman.

You can view the town hall on our Facebook page (Ms. Hunter's portion doesn't begin until 47 minutes in.)

We will stand with Ms. Hunter should Schwartzman/Neuman/Deutsche Bank/DWS/public pension funds/Patty Glaser or their agents in the community attempt to retaliate in any form for shining light on these horrible people. And we have to emphasize we are just scratching the surface on Schwartzman. After the repeated lies in the community and press by Asher Abehsera, it took us a couple of weeks to verify that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were existing investors in LivWrk's major development projects. Lots of people in the community and across the housing justice movement are now digging into Schwartzman and his sidekick Neuman.

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