Downtown Crenshaw's Volunteer Toolkit

Thank you for supporting Downtown Crenshaw, we love to see our community show up!


Take Action 

The THREE MOST IMPORTANT actions you can take right now are:

1) Sign our petition  - We change up our petition every few months, because it needs to be delivered to different people and organizations depending on where our focus is. So even if you signed it a few months ago, go ahead and sign it again.  

2) Put $5 on it and become a DC Member - members not only have benefits, such as being eligible for a stake in our project, but it's also a show of our support and power.  

3) Amplify loudly and widely - talk to five friends about this project. Then talk to five more. Don't stop until you've talked to everyone you know.


Amplify on Social Media

Get the full graphics set & social media caption HERE.

The folder link above includes our general talking points messaging, as well as current graphics you can share each month. 


Woman sitting on couch in front of computer, with text: New Member Orientation every Saturday at 10:30am Pacific, register at

Show up to new member orientation

New member orientation is every Saturday at 10:30am. New members and veterans seeking a refresher on talking points are welcome.

We recommend new members attend this meeting before attending our town hall, workgroup, and general meetings. REGISTER HERE.


ACTIONS HAPPENING THIS WEEK (Week of April 11, 2021) 

Board Meetings for Write or Call-in with Comments

  1. April 4, 2021: LACERA: Board of Investments MeetingAgenda
  2. April 14-16, 2021: TRS Texas - Agenda 
  3. April 15, 2021: PFRS DETROIT
  4. April 15, 2021: TRS NYC, meeting info: