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With over 13,250 signatures signed, including over 300 community organizations, business, civil rights, neighborhood council, block club and homeowners association leaders, over 1,000 members signed up in less than 2 months, and with a capable and competent development team and financial partners by our side, some of our elected officials and candidates for office are speaking out for community-ownership of our Crenshaw Mall and against this blatant attempt by the Trump-Kushner-CIM trio to steal it from our community through LivWrk. In the past few days several our elected officials and candidates for office have spoken out in support of our incredible effort.

State Senator Holly Mitchell, LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, LA City Council President Emeritus Herb Wesson, Jr., LA City Councilmember Robert Farrell (Ret.), Culver City Councilmember Daniel Lee, LA City Council District 10 Candidate Grace Yoo, and LA Community College District 1 Candidate Tori Bailey have add their voices to the chorus. If we stand united, we can claim our #40AcresAndAMall

State Senator Holly Mitchell (via Twitter):

"I believe in the power of the people, and the people of LA built a historic effort to acquire the Crenshaw Mall. Local ownership = local power. This is exactly the type of investment we need for the 2nd District to thrive. @DTCrenshaw, let's figure out how to make it happen."

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas (via Twitter):

"Redevelopment of the @DTCrenshaw Plaza is a game changer. The future of the Plaza is bright given its proximity to the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Line. Community advocacy is a must for ownership that shares its values and priorities for this vital area. #40AcresAndAMall"

Los Angeles City Council President Emeritus Herb Wesson, Jr. (via Twitter):

"I had hoped the Crenshaw mall would be bought by local investors and that the vision of the people who helped craft the Crenshaw specific plan could also help guide what's being built in the mall property. That is why I want to make it clear that I am opposed to any purchase of the mall that is not guided by local investors who represent the vision the residents of this community have for the mall property. The community has been adamant about expressing their concerns with potential buyers of the Crenshaw Mall having strong business connections to Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. It is clear that sentiment remains prevalent throughout the community. And I stand with them."

Retired Los Angeles City Councilmember Robert Farrell (8th District):

"I’m pleased to support Downtown Crenshaw in its efforts to acquire and redevelop the Crenshaw Mall. It is organized around issues of community ownership and self-determination concerning the future of this significant commercial hub in South Los Angeles. Its development team is unrivaled in experience and expertise, and gives it the capacity to direct a project of this magnitude. I encourage and urge your participation in Downtown Crenshaw. We have a competent and capable team, and we don't need anyone associated with Donald Trump or his son-in-law Jared Kushner coming into our community."

Culver City Councilmember Daniel Lee (via Twitter):

"...The Crenshaw Mall is a cultural touchstone for Black Los Angeles. The fight to take control of it, redevelop it with, for and by the community is a symbol and a strategy to address the banishment and displacement of Black residents happening throughout Los Angeles County. [....] It is a level of engagement on a development project that is unprecedented. It is a model for our region and the country. It should be supported by the pension funds..."

Los Angeles City Council District 10 Candidate Grace Yoo (via Facebook):

"I am proud to be one of the early supporters of the community-driven effort to buy the #CrenshawMall and redevelop it into a 21st century urban village, Downtown Crenshaw. The community coming together to craft a vision for its future that protects and builds on the great culture of unique neighborhoods like Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw is inspiring. [....] I strongly oppose the backdoor attempt by Donald Trump and Jared Kushner's close business partners to interfere with the community's right to self-determination. Crenshaw has made clear, and I want to make it clear, that South L.A. is no place for the shady real estate practices of Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and company. The City of Los Angeles has seen enough of that. If given the opportunity to represent the 10th District, I will use all of my power to work with the community, and keep Trump/Kushner out of Crenshaw. To the Crenshaw community specifically: keep fighting, keep organizing and keep inspiring..."

Los Angeles Community College District 1 Candidate Tori Bailey:

"As a renter in Leimert Park, business-community liaison and homelessness liaison for a nearby neighborhood council, I can attest to how the housing crisis is leading to more of our people being put on the street. The community needs to be united, like they've been coming together under Downtown Crenshaw, and say 'NO' to the attempted Trump-Kushner takeover of our mall and community. We have to maintain what is ours."

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