Downtown Crenshaw Bid Submitted

Despite their best attempts to thwart us, Downtown Crenshaw submitted an incredible and competitive bid to buy the Crenshaw Mall on behalf of the community.

We attracted the support of the leading funds in socially responsible investing in the country!

We brought on an architectural dream team to help us reimagine the Crenshaw Mall into Downtown Crenshaw!

We brought in a heavy-weight legal team to help craft the deal!

We assembled an ethical and accomplished development team!

Everyone came together, not because of any one individual, but because of the power of YOU and the opportunity to participate in a historic effort that will chart a new direction for Black communities undergoing displacement pressures. #SelfDetermination #CommunityControl #40AcresAndAMall

We are excited to share with the community, how we took your thoughts, visions and aspirations, and molded it into a sustainable and buildable urban village for a Black-centered community well into the 21st century. Join us as we reveal plan details at our 12 pm virtual town hall on Saturday, September 26. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE ZOOM:

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