Black Contractors Support Downtown Crenshaw Bid for Crenshaw Mall

We are pleased to earn the support of the National Black Contractors' Association, Young Black Contractors Association and The Inner City Community Unilateral Apprentice Committee for this historic effort to buy, stabilize and redevelop the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza:

Here is their letter of support:

Please allow this letter to serve as a commitment of our collective support for the Downtown Crenshaw plan. It has been far too long since the Crenshaw community has envisioned such a grand plan for sustainable growth. Collectively, the National Black Contractor’s Association, the Young Black Contractors Association and The Inner City Community Unilateral Apprentice Committee are dedicated to providing any support necessary to ensure the success of Downtown Crenshaw.

"The journey of the National Black Contractors Association (NBCA) and its Los Angeles Chapter affiliate, Young Black Contractors Association (YBCA), is to build a unified national black contractors association that speaks as a voice of one on national concerns, where inequities and the perception of discrimination is apparent in public and private contracting for African American contractors. We are committed to assisting Black Contractor’s Associations grow in the following areas:

  • Establish themselves as a one stop all-in-one professional association.
  • Bring about economic development that leads to business growth.
  • Support and promote the advancement of up and coming Black contractors.

The Inner City Unilateral Apprentice Committee was established on August 8, 1991 and is sponsored by the National Black Contractors Association. It was developed and designed to train inner-city youths of all ethnicities for the construction industry. It is the only African American led State and Federal Certified Apprentice Program in America, meeting all requirements to work on public projects per the Division of Apprenticeship Standards of Section 1777.5 of the California Labor Code. We are committed to supporting Downtown Crenshaw through creating bid opportunities for NBCA and YBCA members, jobs and training opportunities for Inner City youth via the Inner City Unilateral Apprentice Committee, and to facilitate discussion regarding space within Downtown Crenshaw to provide ongoing vocational training and education for the Crenshaw community, its surrounding schools and vocational programs. Please allow this letter to serve as a testament to our unified support and unwavering encouragement for the long-term success of Downtown Crenshaw.

Thank you.

National Black Contractors Association of U.S.A., Inc.
By: President Abdur-Rahim Hameed

Young Black Contractors Association, L.A.
By: Drexell Johnson President of YBCA / Vice President California NBCA

Inner-City Community Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee
By: Secretary of ICUAC Margaret Totty

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