Black Community Thwarts Second Attempt by Trump-Kushner Connected Developer to Buy Mall

DFH Partners Agreement to Purchase the Mall was terminated on December 11th after falling to Black Community Pressure

Photo credit: Culver City Observer, photo of theater at Crenshaw Mall

"This is a tremendous Black community victory and testament to the power of the people," said Niki Okuk, the Board President of Downtown Crenshaw Rising. "Downtown Crenshaw stood up and defeated LivWrk-DFH Partners, an unqualified out-of-town Trump-Kushner development partner, who sought to do harm to our beloved Crenshaw. On behalf of all of the leaders of this movement, we extend a heartfelt thank you to the nearly 13,000 people who signed our petition and sent in letters, hundreds of community organizations and civic leaders who stood united, and the many activists who took to the streets, from the powerful Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles crew to Grandmamas of Downtown Crenshaw. We have shown that when we come together to defend our community, not even the powerful business partners and close friends of the president's family can defeat us."

Read the rest of the article here, in the Culver City Observer.

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